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Key Benefits Of All-Natural Flea & Tick Prevention

by | Jan 3, 2020 | Dog Health, Ingredients, Texas Pet Blog

Is flea & tick prevention treatment important for dogs?

Fleas really are a dog parent’s worst nightmare. These little insects bite, jump, and use your dog as a host for their breeding ground. You can control flea infestation by regular grooming and proper treatment in dogs.

The ideal flea treatment should not only be effective but also safe for your dog and the environment. Without a doubt, chemical treatments are effective but they also come with many side effects. Common flea and tick treatments include medicated collars, powders, sprays, and messy topical oils.

According to a report by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), many insect control products, even if used as recommended, can have serious health consequences for dogs and humans. These products mainly include organophosphate (OP) compounds, which are dangerous to pet health due to long-term exposure.

The good news is that many all-natural flea treatments are effective and also safe for you, your dog, and the environment.

Texas Pet Blog Benefits of all-natural flea treatment
3 Key Ingredients for Flea Prevention In Dogs

Here in this article, we will discuss how some natural ingredients are beneficial to your dog for flea & tick prevention or deterrent and can be used as all-natural flea & tick treatments.

Natural Flea & Tick Prevention and Repellants

Red Rice Yeast

This is the product of the rice produced by fermentation with the yeast strain Monascus purpureus. It is a dietary supplement widely used in humans as a cholesterol-lowering agent. It also has many benefits for dogs.

It is used as a flea & tick repellent in dog chews and treats because after regular use, the dog body will excrete an odor that repels fleas.

Some studies also show that red rice yeast can help reduce inflammation and promote health if used long-term.

Brewer’s Yeast

It is popular yeast used in the manufacture of bread and beer. Brewer’s yeast contains a lot of nutrition like minerals (chromium and selenium) and vitamins (vitamin B). It is also used as a flea deterrent due to the odor produced on the dog’s skin after ingestion.

Vitamin B is good for the dog’s fur and coat. If the dog is bitten by a flea or tick, these vitamins will quickly heal the skin and decrease the chances of flea allergies in dogs.


Garlic is the most widely used herb in the world and is known for its antibiotic, antiseptic, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties. It can also lower blood pressure and promote the growth of good bacteria in the digestive tract.

Contrary to popular belief, garlic is not toxic for dogs but also beneficial in small quantities. Garlic can also be used as an anthelmintic in dogs.

Recent research shows that when garlic is fed, it tends to repel fleas and ticks. This is because the sulfur in garlic is excreted through the dog’s skin and will keep fleas at bay.

Texas Pet Company Blog - Flea

Inner defenses against fleas

Parasites, especially fleas, attack the host with the lowest immunity and poor health. If our dog has good health and strong immunity then he can easily fight with flea infestation.

Diet is the most important factor that determines health. The diet with many natural ingredients has a better effect on the immunity and health of the dog, so always look for the natural ingredient in dog food and treats.

One solution

We know that it is difficult on your part to gather all of these natural ingredients and give them to your dog in specific amounts. Flea Defender soft chew dog treats are the best all-natural flea and tick prevention and repellent.

Why you should choose Flea Defender?

TexasPetCo Dog Image Flea Defender
  • Contains red rice yeast, garlic powder, and brewer’s yeast, which are the best flea preventers & repellents
  • All-natural without chemicals and fillers
  • Added vitamins are a bonus for dog health
  • The dog will love to eat for its taste of bacon
  • It is made in the United States.
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