Chicken On A Stick Jerky Wrapped Rawhide Dog Treats – Toy

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  • JUST 2 INGREDIENTS: 100% all-natural beef rawhide chew wrapped with 98% fat-free lean chicken breast jerky made in the USA. Each chew is expertly hand-wrapped for the most chicken on each beef skin rawhide. Crunchy chicken jerky treat wrapped around chewy beef rawhide.
  • 100% NATURAL DOG TREAT: Our Chicken On A Stick dog rawhide treats are human grade ingredients, grain free, gluten free, hormone-free, no additives, no artificial colors, no preservatives, no enhancers and no fillers. They are also free of any wheat, corn, and soy.
  • DENTAL HEALTH BENEFITS: Long-lasting dog chew helps improve your dog’s dental hygiene by scraping away the plaque, aids in controlling tartar build-up and maintains gum health. Perfect dog treat to satisfying your dog’s chewing urge and keeps your dog busy.
  • MADE IN USA: Our chicken wrapped rawhide dog treats are proudly locally sourced using natural restaurant quality ingredients, making a delicious, long-lasting dog chew. Average size average size: 2.5″ long and 0.25″ diameter. Perfect size for toy to small sized dogs of any breed.
  • CONVENIENT: Ideal for easy storage; featuring a resealable plastic jar to lock in freshness and lock in freshness. Container include 75 tasty chicken jerky wrapped rawhide sticks.

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Chicken On A Stick – Crunchy Chicken Jerky Wrapped Rawhide Dog Treats For Toy To Small Dogs

Treat Your Dog With The Tastiest Chicken On A Stick Chicken Jerky Wrapped Beef Rawhide Dog Snacks From Texas Pet Company! Double The Treat, Double The Fun.

Just 2 ingredients.

Texas Pet Company Icon-Made In USA 250x250Our chicken wrapped rawhide twists are made from all-natural dog chicken jerky are hand-crafted with love and made with human-grade, 98% fat-free, hormone-free lean chicken breast and 100% beef skin rawhide sourced from the USA. We are proud to have dog treats made in the USA. We wanted to make healthy dog treats that you can feel good about giving to your best friend. This healthy treat for dogs is naturally air-dried which locks in all the tasty flavor and helps them last for months without the need for any chemicals or preservatives. Each chew is expertly hand-wrapped for the most chicken on each stick. Chicken jerky for dogs is one of the best natural dog treats for your dog, and one of the top dog snacks on the market.

We want to provide your furry family member with only the best quality dog jerky treats because as dog owners, we know your dog’s health is important to you. Our crunchy wrapped rawhide dog treats come the way nature intended:

  • All-natural dog treats.
  • No chemicals, no fillers, no additives, no artificial coloring, no preservatives.
  • Grain Free Dog Treats.
  • Gluten Free Dog Treats.

Texas Pet Company Icon-No Preservatives 250x250  Texas Pet Company Icon-No Fillers 250x250 Texas Pet Company Icon-No Artificial Colors 250x250  Texas Pet Company Icon-Grain Free 250x250 Texas Pet Company Icon-Gluten Free 250x250Texas Pet Company Icon-All Natural Ingredients 250x250

Premium ingredient dog treats have a lot less processing, so nutrients, vitamins & minerals are kept intact, leaving the best for your dog. With premium 2 ingredient dog treats, you are able to monitor and evaluate your dog’s nutritional intake, and avoid dozens of potential allergic reactions. This is a great treat for dogs who are allergy-prone or who require hypoallergenic dog treats. The high protein, fat-free, low-carb, and low-calorie dehydrated chicken further makes it a suitable snack for your dog.

Chicken Jerky Bits Chicken Teeth 135x135Oral hygiene is a critical part of dog care. Crunchy and chewy dog treats help improve your dog’s dental hygiene by scraping away the plaque when they chew the snacks, and aids in controlling tartar build-up and maintains gum health. Chicken Jerky Wrapped Rawhide Sticks are a perfect dog treat to help clean their teeth and keep their breath fresh.

Chicken Jerky Wrap Dog Toy Size 300x300

Crunchy chicken wrapped rawhide sticks are the perfect dog treat for toy dogs to small dogs of any breed. Our wraps are 2 1/2” long and ¼” thick., sizes vary a little with the nature of the meat product. It is important to use the right size dog treats for all dogs so you can maintain a healthy weight.

Your dog will absolutely love our crunchy jerky chews. Chicken On A Stick dog chews do not leave behind any unpleasant smell or sticky residue on your hand. Our dog treats are perfect when your fur baby deserves a special dog snack or reward for good behavior. Chicken On A Stick Jerky Wrapped Rawhide are long lasting dog chews, and a healthy satisfying treat for your dog.
Chicken Jerky Wrap Dog ToyMedChew 300x300

Shelf stable, no refrigeration required. Resealable package.



Features You And Your Dog Will Love:

  • Just 2 Ingredients – 98% Fat-free Chicken Breast, and edible collagen casing.
  • Jerky treats for dogs made in USA.
  • Crunchy to aid in dental care.
  • Perfect for toy and small dogs.
  • Great as snacks or training rewards.
  • 2 treats in 1! Crunchy Chicken Jerky wrapped around a long-lasting beef rawhide chew.

Real meat dog treats are simply delicious…try Texas Pet Company’s Chicken On A Stick Crunchy Chicken Jerky Wrapped Rawhide Sticks Today!


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Weight .94 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 7 in


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