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Best Picks For Pet Travel Supplies

by | Feb 14, 2021 | Knowledge Center

Whether you’re riding around in an environmentally-friendly hybrid or gas-guzzling SUV, there is one thing all vehicles have in common: they can all carry pets. But, anywhere your furry friend goes, messes are always close at hand. Luckily, there are a number of convenient and simple pet travel supplies that make chauffeuring Fido a practically worry-free experience.

One of the most useful accessories for any pet owner is a pet barrier. Whether your pet is large and takes up the bulk of your rear-view or small and obscures your vision as they jump from seat to seat, animals have a knack for blocking your vision at the most inopportune time. A pet barrier keeps your pet from distracting or interfering with your driving by confining them to a specific location. With a pet barrier, they’re kept safely out of the way and out of your line of sight. It also adds a layer of protection for other people by preventing your pets from lunging at those who pass by.

Another handy accessory is a dog seat cover. Drool and muddy paws make for a dangerous combination that can leave your interior smelling like “dog” and looking even worse. Some of those stains may be set for life, taking a serious toll on your resale value. A dog seat cover provides a barrier of protection against hair, claw marks and other “accidents” from ruining your interior. They come in a couple of different varieties and are similar to the seat covers you use to protect your seats from your human passengers. A dog seat cover features a quilted layer for added comfort and is also manufactured with a water-repellent woven top finish, a nylon liner to block extra dirt and moisture, and non-slip inserts that keep the cover in place. Plus, with a custom-tailored fit that takes into account each of your seat belts, they won’t reduce the safety of your vehicle.

The other option when it comes to seat covers is known as a dog hammock. It features easily-adjustable straps that buckle to the headrest of the front seats and the headrests or auxiliary handles in the back seat. Made of durable 420-denier nylon with a quilted backing, a dog hammock helps protect your interior while providing your dog a warm, comfortable place to ride. Plus, you can make getting in and out of the vehicle easier with dog ramps. Dog ramps provide a simple way to load and unload your dog, preventing injury to his legs and your back.

Pets are like children (and by all accounts, a considerably cheaper investment). And, like children, they have what usually amounts to a full bag of gear that needs to travel with them. Plus, dog beds don’t always provide enough warmth depending on your location. A kennel jacket is the solution to both problems. In addition to keeping your dog warm and dry while traveling around, a kennel jacket also provides storage capacity (depending on the model selected), making it easy to cart around extras like the leash, snacks or dog travel bowl.

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