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Maintaining Your Cat’s Health

Mar 14, 2021

Dogs may be a man’s best friend, but many animal lovers adore keeping cats as pets because of the animal’s warm yet independent spirit. There are steps that you can take to keep your pet healthy and to avoid any issues or concerns. By using a combination of care, prevention and pet health products, you can ensure your cat’s companionship for years to come.

There are two important ways in which you can maintain your cat’s health and happiness. Scheduling annual veterinarian check-ups allow a professional to give special care and attention to your cat. This allows the vet to stay current with the shots and regular exams that felines require. Paying attention to any physical changes in your pet will give you a better idea of your pet’s health. Investing in a few specialized, approved pet health products can also make a significant difference.

Conduct an overall evaluation of your cat when you are petting or sitting with it. Take a quick look at the animal from nose to tail. It is smart to do this on a regular basis and at a set time, your pet will grow accustomed to it and you will not forget its daily check-up. Alert your veterinarian if you discover any potential concerns. Begin with your cat’s head. Are its eyes clear and alert? Are its ears pink and clean? Do the ears give off a pungent smell that seems abnormal? Have bugs appeared as a dark, thick formation inside the cat’s ears? Are its gums pink and teeth healthy, clean and strong? Does tartar reside along the gum line? Has your cat developed unpleasant breath?

Gently feel and inspect your pet’s body for sores, lumps, puffiness, bumps, scratches, parasites or irregularities. Keep an eye out for flea dirt, which is similar in appearance to black pepper and appears red when dampened. Check your cat’s paws, ears and tail.

Feel free to ask your vet any questions that you may have. Don’t be afraid to verify what is and isn’t normal.

Regularly brushing your cat keeps it looking neat and tidy. Rubber brushes remove dead skin cells and loose hair. Combs that are specially designed for a cat help lift fleas and small bugs out of its hair.

It is imperative to clip your cat’s claws on a regular basis. When this isn’t done, a cat’s claws can grow into its paw pads, which may result in pain and infection. A veterinarian will be happy to show you how to properly trim a cat’s nails in a way that will not harm the animal. While many people choose to have their cats declawed, this is not the only way to eliminate its scratching. It can also be very painful for the pet. Felines can be trained to scratch only in designated areas, such as a well-designed post.

Cat owners should do as much research as possible regarding the proper care of cats. They should also own at least one book or pamphlet on emergency first aid. By familiarizing yourself with emergency procedures, you could possibly save your cat’s life. Do not attempt to treat your cat with any medications, like aspirin, ibuprofen or suphedrine. Many medicines intended for humans can be poisonous to cats.

Source by Abby Reid

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