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Springtails (aka Snow Fleas): How To Get Rid Of Them

Mar 16, 2023

If you’re looking for ways to get rid of Springtails, also known as collembola or snow fleas, then you’ve come to the right place. These tiny soil-borne creatures were once considered harmless, but mounting evidence suggests that they can be surprisingly invasive and pose a real threat to human comfort when present in large numbers. In this article, we’ll provide you with a quick guide to eliminate a snow flea infestation.

Springtails, or collembola, are the most abundant arthropods on earth and are found in moist, fertile soil. They can be easily transferred between humans and animals and are particularly problematic for pet owners. Dogs and cats can pick up springtails from moist soil or wet grass and transport them into the home. Springtails are acrobatic creatures that can jump up to four feet and are smaller than the head of a pin.

Do snow fleas bite humans or pets?

Snow fleas are small insects that do not bite humans or pets. These insects do not have the mandibles or mouthparts necessary to bite or sting

Rid of Snow Fleas Texas Pet Company

The best way to get rid of an advanced snow flea infestation is by using natural insecticides like cedar oil. Here is our step-by-step guide to eliminate a snow flea infestation:

  1. Treat yourself and your pets with a topical cedar oil insecticide approved for use with humans and animals. Only natural insecticides will do the trick, and cedar oil that is formulated for home protection will kill all types of parasites on contact, including springtails, lice, and all forms of mites.
  2. Spray couches, beds, and carpets with a fine cedar oil mist. A proper household formula will be very light and pure, meaning it won’t stain fabric.
  3. Use a cedar oil fog machine to penetrate unseen cracks and crevices in the home. Advanced springtail infestations require aggressive measures, so don’t hesitate to use a fog machine if necessary.
  4. Use the fog machine to treat air ducts or hire a professional air duct cleaning company. Springtails feed on mold and thrive in moist conditions, so it’s not uncommon for mold to develop in air ducts.
  5. Purchase the highest quality furnace filters available at your local store. Filters designed for allergen and dust mite removal are best. Change filters frequently.
  6. Hunt for places where moisture accumulates. Patch leaky roofs and pipes, seal cracks around basement windows, and pay special attention to bathroom walls and cabinets under sinks.
  7. Remove household plants, especially decorative trees sitting in large potted containers filled with soil. Springtails can be transported directly into your home via bags of potting soil.
  8. Take aggressive measures to control animal populations on your property. Double bag garbage, don’t leave open trash bins or barrels sitting around, and use traps or repellents to control rodents, raccoons, and squirrel populations.
  9. Beware of ultra-rich, organic compost soil. This type of soil is a breeding ground for springtails and can easily introduce them into your home.

By following these steps, you can eliminate a snow flea infestation and prevent future infestations from occurring. Remember, prevention is key, so make sure to keep your home clean, dry, and free of excess moisture.


This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to get rid of snow fleas, also known as Collembola or springtails. Snow fleas are soil-born creatures that can infest humans and animals, and thrive in moist, moldy environments. Chemical pesticides are ineffective against them, but cedar oil has been found to be an effective natural insecticide. Eliminate snow flea infestations, including treating humans and pets with cedar oil, fogging the home with cedar oil, and removing sources of moisture. Ultra-rich humus compost attracts and breeds snow fleas.

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