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Is It Safe to Give Equest Pramox Wormer to Pregnant Mares?

by | Jan 20, 2021 | Knowledge Center

As a horse owner, you know how important it is to keep your horses free of worms. Internal parasites such as worms can be very dangerous to the health of your horse and can cause serious problems. Using high quality products to treat your horses on a consistent annual schedule is essential to safeguard their health. The active ingredient in products like Equest Pramox is moxidectin and praziquantel, which combats roundworms and kills all stages of the red worm life cycle.

But what about a mare that is pregnant? Should you switch to a different wormer for a while? If you have a horse that becomes pregnant, is it still safe to use a horse wormer on her or will it be harmful for the developing baby?

Should Equest Pramox Be Used on Lactating or Pregnant Mares?

Just to err on the side of caution, the answer is no. Although many horse owners in online forums have reported using this wormer on their pregnant mares with no effect, the drug is not licensed for pregnant or lactating mares or for foals younger than 7 months. There is a risk of complications and it is a good idea to avoid using this particular wormer if your horse is pregnant just in case it causes a bad reaction.

There are wormers which are designed to be used on pregnant mares or will have no negative risks associated with them. You can ask your vet about what they would recommend. You can use these pregnancy-safe wormers to treat your mare throughout her pregnancy. She will need worming on a regular basis and then at seven days before the due date. The foal will be less likely to pick up parasites if you worm the mother shortly before she gives birth.

Switch Back to Equest Pramox When it is Safe to Do So

Once your mare has given birth and is no longer lactating, you can always switch back so that you can have the beneficial effect of the moxidectin in this horse wormer. This is one of the most effective wormers, so should be used on a regular basis.

Once the foal has reached seven months of age you can begin to treat it with Equest Pramox. As a general rule, foals should start a worming program as soon as they start to graze on the pastures. Be sure to take extra caution with dosages when you are worming a young foal for the first time and watch them for any reaction to the horse wormer.

With this high quality wormer, you will be able to ensure good health and prevention of parasites throughout the life of your horse.

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