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Pride Month Includes Pets Too

by | Jul 29, 2021 | Texas Pet Blog, Community, News

Texas Pet Company Pride LQBTQ Logo

June is Pride Month.

Texas Pet Company supports the LGBTQ Community. In the spirit of giving during Pride Month, we partnered with the Thrive Youth Center to outfit individuals in their organization who were dog owners.

Thrive Youth Center

The Thrive Youth Center's mission is to provide LGBTQ+ homeless young adults with a safe and supportive environment to facilitate their empowerment toward transforming their lives. Their vision is to create an equitable community where all LGBTQ+ young adults can flourish.

To learn more about the Thrive Youth Center, visit their website:

Home is where the heart is...

Texas Pet Company supports no kill shelters


Animals provide companionship and a sense of security for homeless people on the streets and can be a really important source of support, of mental stability, among people who experience so much loss and trauma, and vulnerability.

While no official nationwide statistic exists, it is believed that between 5-10% of people living in homelessness are believed to have a pet, and as much as 25% in certain cities.

Many shelters and homeless service providers have strict rules in place around bringing pets into their facilities, as pets can raise questions around allergies and general safety. That means that owning an animal may exclude or deter people from getting the services they need.

Follow Thrive on Social Media @thriveyouthcenter


As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the Thrive Youth Center provides successful programs with donations and volunteers.

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