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Your Health and Apple Cider Vinegar

by | Jun 9, 2021 | Ingredients, KC: Pet Health, Knowledge Center

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The nutrition of the apple is widely known. While many throw away the core when eating an apple, I eat the whole apple and leave nothing out as the core contains the most important and beneficial part of the apple. Apple cider vinegar is an amber-colored liquid made from apples and is a powerful, purifying and detoxifying agent. It contains minerals and trace elements such as magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, sulfur, sodium, chlorine, calcium, copper and iron. Cider vinegar is very effective at breaking down mucus, phlegm and fatty deposits in the body. With this process it improves vital organs such as the liver, bladder and kidneys as it prevents excessive alkaline in the urine. Cider vinegar possesses anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties and is very effective in neutralizing toxic substances that enter the body, thinning the blood through oxidation and improving digestion. Cider vinegar, when taken orally helps with acid reflux problems as well as high cholesterol, constipation and heartburn.

Apple cider vinegar (or ACV) is a potent source of potassium. Potassium assists with replacing immobile, worn-out and fatigued tissue within the body and has been researched to assist with alleviating and easing cold symptoms and allergies. This is ideal if you live in a highly polluted area where allergies and sinus infections are rampant. Since ACV is rich in potassium, it can also help with tooth decay and splitting nails which are due to potassium deficiency. It also helps with clotting and cleansing of the blood. Ill-health may occur due to lack of salts or minerals which might invite toxin build up causing acne, boils and blisters. Cider vinegar helps eliminate this process with it’s potassium-rich properties.

As a beverage or through absorption cider vinegar is thought to assist with arthritis (applied topically with a warm compress soaked in vinegar and applied to the joints). It’s a very strong and bitter taste/smell so be warned and use a sweetener like honey when drinking vinegar. I like to heat it up adding honey and a slice of lemon to drink as a tea. I most often use one teaspoonful of vinegar with at least two teaspoonfuls of honey when I make this tea.

With most plants, soil potassium deficiency can be a problem producing anemia which affects growth. Cider vinegar is known to be a useful potassium source assisting with health and size. The acidic properties can only help to deter pests and insects. Flies and bugs do not like the smell and if used as an atomized spray (half to full strength ACV), you can deter these pests. I’ve seen and heard of successful results where half-strength ACV is used on the coats of dogs and horses which leads me to believe it would be effective on any pet when trying to repel insects, ticks, fleas and bacteria or simply create a shiny coat. Additionally, pets benefit from ACV consumption. For example, I would give a small (toy) dog about 1 teaspoonful of ACV three times a day and a larger, two to three teaspoonfuls. Of course with the bad taste, it would need to be mixed very well in the food or drink.

Apple cider vinegar gives new meaning to the term “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. The reported cures from consuming apple cider vinegar are numerous and I’m thoroughly convinced of it’s positive effects on and within the body. It only makes sense that apple cider vinegar would reduce the effects of aging and promote a healthy lifestyle. You can make ACV at home by using apples, yeast fermentation and acetic acid fermentation. The following site gives a detailed description of how to do this:

All content in this article and all articles I publish are to be considered for educational and informational purposes. As always, I suggest before you adopt, utilize or apply any of this content and information, that you research on your own and find out if it works, or will work for you. I have not adequately researched the combined effects of prescribed medicine and/or unnatural chemicals with apple cider vinegar or any other natural remedy discussed in this article or on this website. Although I have known of cases and people that have used ACV while taking prescribed medicine without negative reactions, this does not mean the same applies to all.

Source by Jeffrey L Johnson

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