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Manx Cat Care and Feeding of This Unusual Pet

by | May 19, 2021 | Knowledge Center

Learn How to Feed and Care for Your Pet Manx Cat

The Manx is a solidly built cat with a compact body. It has a short back with longer hind legs than front. Although they are known for being tailless in reality there are Manx’s that have various length tails including full length. The main characteristic of this breed is their head which is round with large round eyes. It has a distinct ear shape which is describes as being cradle shaped when looked at from the back.

Before you decide to get a pet Manx cat, you need to learn all you can about them as they are a little different than most cats. They are very inquisitive and will want to check out every inch of their new home so give it free rein until it’s satisfied that everything is to its satisfaction.

Some are hyperactive like Siamese and most of them don’t sleep a lot like a typical cat. They also like to be up high so when you lose them look high instead of low for them. Many times a pet Manx will be more like a dog than a cat as they will follow you around and are always looking for attention.

When you get a pet Manx that is free of Manx Syndrome (the spine condition) you’ll find they have few medical problems. Some of them do have sensitive stomachs so you will have to be careful about what you feed them. Anything new should be introduced slowly to make sure they don’t have a reaction to it. Some of the cats are very sensitive around the tail area so take care when brushing them or petting them.

Where you put your pets litter box is important as for some tailless Manx cats bathroom cleanliness can be a problem. Cats normally use their tails to help release feces but because your pet may not have a tail this may cause a problem. It may stick to the fur and your pet will clean it off with whatever is handy. This could be the furniture or carpet so if you don’t want to have to clean up all over the house, be forewarned.

In feeding your pet you should make the food for it if possible so that you know exactly what’s in it and how it’s prepared. If this isn’t possible then you should make sure your pet gets an all-natural type of food. This form of food is better for your cat as it helps to keep it free from harmful chemicals. Even the best cat foods have chemicals added into them such as preservatives. That is why it is important to stay all natural as well as raw to keep the cat healthy for years down the road.

The Manx cat has long fur and therefore will require a large amount of grooming time which it will enjoy. Brushing your pet everyday will keep its fur shiny and free of knots or mats. Cats keep themselves clean so you don’t need to bathe them very often which is good because most cats don’t particularly like water. Your pet Manx on the other hand will probably like water, to the point of playing in it, so bathing will be a treat for it.

You will also want to set up a visit to the vet to get your pet its necessary shots. If possible try to find a vet that practices holistic medicine and can help keep your pet on natural products and medicines. Keep track of the visits to the vet as you want to make sure that the shots are kept current and up to date. While visiting your vet, you want to also make sure that you ask about any flea and tick protection to keep your home free from fleas as well as ticks and other pests. Most areas of the world will have a problem with fleas during certain times of the year, but it’s possible to have fleas year-round. For this reason, you want to keep your pet protected all year long with natural pest control.

If you like spending a lot of time with your cat the Manx will be the perfect pet for all the family. They are good with children especially if they have been raised together. Their few negative habits are easily outweighed by the positive ones, so the next you consider get a pet cat think about a Manx, you won’t be disappointed. Good luck on your future endeavor of owning a Manx cat.

Source by Don A Levy

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